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6 Tools To Help You Name Things On The Web

Check out Rob Kelly’s 6 Easy Tools To Help You Name Stuff On The Web.

Tips On How Local Businesses Use Social Media

  • When I attended the Social Currency CrunchUp, there was a panel of businesses (all local except one (Levi’s)) whose members mentioned some tid-bits on how social media was working for them.

Here are my notes from the panel:

Curtis Kimball, The Creme Brulee Man

  • Sells Creme Brulle, primarily in San Francisco and changes his location (a cart) regularly
  • His customer Acquisition focuses on Twitter
    • Has 14,100 followers) because it’s so easy…a majority of my customers come from Twitter or from friends who are on Twitter.
    • Doesn’t have a fixed address because he doesn’t have a permit (“Permitting situation in San Francisco is a nightmare.”)

    the creme brulee man

Dr. Robert Vaksman

Jack Ma: Alibaba Will Be Bigger Than Microsoft & Walmart

There was a great interview of Jack Ma on Charlie Rose — Ma is the Founder and Chairman of the leading Chinese Internet company Alibaba.

Ma is clearly an evolved thinker. Here are some highlights:

An Internet CEO Does Not Need To Be Technical

  • Jack Ma doesn’t know how to code
  • He says he uses the Web primarily to send and receive email and browse the Web

The Core Competency of Alibaba is Culture

  • Grew from 18 to 20,000 people. We believe the customer is #1, employee #2 and shareholders #3
  • Average age of employees is 26

Questions For You To Ask About Stock Options As Compensation

If you’re considering a new job, salary is of course important…but don’t forget about equity (especially in Internet/Silicon Valley-oriented companies).

Here are the simple questions to ask related to stock (I’m gonna keep this simple and limit discussion to stock options):

  • Can stock options be part of my compensation program?

If the answer is “yes,” than you move on to these basic questions:

  • How many stock options will be offered to this position?
  • What are the total number of shares currently outstanding? (this allows you to calculate the % of the company you could own)
  • What are the total number of shares that the company is

5 Tips On How To Get To Know Someone You’ve Never Met

Have you ever wanted to meet someone, even though you don’t know them? Perhaps you read about them in a book or just heard that they were an awesome person.

Here are some approaches I use to get to know a “desired connection” better.

5 Tips On How To Get To Know Someone You’ve Never Met

1) Look up the desired connection on LinkedIn for your common connections…it’s not that simple: read on!

Firs off, look them up on LinkedIn to see what connections you have in common.

If the desired connection is a 2nd degree connection (i.e. a connection of mine is a 1st degree connection to them), then look closely at those 2nd degree connections and determine if you have such a fantastic relationship… Continue reading